Our Service Technical Services

Your Safety is our top priority. It is the basis for all of our decision-making.

Helicopter Maintenance

Our technicians are happy to service provided helicopter at any time of day.  Highly qualified and certified technicians are organizing and controlling the maintenance in our own Part 145 maintenance facility (DE.145.0426), which is required to undergo regular quality audits. Our maintenance policy guarantees the adherence to our safety principles, as well as a high degree of cost control and optimization of maintenance task planning. Following this policy we can guarantee to our customers a maximum in terms of aircraft availability.

Quality Management

All helicopter under GHS control will be operated to EASA Ops standards. Technically, the helicopters will be controlled by our approved CAMO according to EASA Part-M and maintenance will be performed to EASA Part-145 standards. By our internal GHS Quality Control we are able to ensure that service intervals will be followed and maintenance tasks performed correctly and to the manufacturer’s specifications.