Mission Mining

The mining industry requires reliable logistics services. These conditions make our helicopters the only means of transport to their remote locations. We fly any kind of cargo or urgently required parts and equipment, we match the helicopter to the mission.

We provide our services, scheduled or unscheduled, with the shortest possible response time.

A helicopter in standby for transporting urgent goods can be of immense value in case of technical break down when shortest reaction times are imminent to keep your mine site operations. Further to this, high value goods transports such as Gold or Diamonds may be better and safer accommodated in a helicopter rather than a 4x4 trying to find its way through the jungle.

Medevac capability is playing a more and more important role in the mining industry. We provide modern and effective Medevac systems for mining operations worldwide. 

In the past companies like Rio Tinto, CGG Veritas, BHP Billiton, Bellezone, African Minerals, and few more, have trusted our operation team’s professional competence.